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Mandli Technologies is still looking for candidates who have the potential to respond to newer technology, ready to face diverse obstacles as needed. You ought to be versatile to operate alone as well as with a team.

We give you lots of adequate tools and an appropriate working atmosphere to integrate your work skills and talents. In addition, when collaborating with us, you'd get a lot of assignments where you can develop your talents, experience, and expertise in your profession—looking for people who are passionate about their specific positions.

If you have an opening that matches your requirements, you are eligible to join here. Mandli Technologies is an equal opportunity employer.

Who We Are

Mandli Technologies provides flexible communications options for company owners in the advertisement and marketing industry in North America. With our state-of-the-art production facility and online infrastructure, we manufacture and deliver more than five million orders per year.

In order to provide our customers with creative technologies, we are developing emerging trends in e-commerce, industrial technology, and marketing. And every day, our talented team keeps SinaLite going towards the goal of our business.


We believe in teammates. We believe in togetherness and try to approach every situation while making teams and considering leadership ethics.

Focus on Customers

There are other viewpoints for us to take into account. We never depend on a single fix to be found for a specific problem. We never concentrate on a single goal or attempt to make it approachable. Our paths diverge.

Improve the Process

We're looking for the right ways to tackle a dilemma. By reflecting on how we can do things differently, we can make tasks easier and more successful.

Take the Risk

Be brave and take chances by trying new ideas.

Enjoy the Work

We enjoy what we're doing. Be the part of our outstanding team and become a valuable asset who gets recognition for the dedicated efforts.

Our Culture

This is the team that makes SinaLite. We come from a variety of backgrounds but have the same shared objective of empowering small business owners in the advertisement and marketing industry to increase their revenue and profitability.

SinaLite fosters an inclusive community where every team member is a hands-on contributor. We are proud to create an atmosphere where workers are safe, exchanging thoughts and feedback.

Our team consists of enthusiastic and creative people who are vital to our continued growth. Although experience is an asset for our applicants, we favor individuals who are competent and empowered.

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