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Supply Chain Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Australia

Logistics Support Services Australia

With the growing world, logistics has become an integral part of national and international trade. This has made necessary for the logistics industry also to shift from more traditional processes to modern ones, like the ones with electronic capabilities. Mandli offers well organised and functional Logistics Outsourcing services in Australia that promise to deliver the goods right on time and to attain a higher level of customer satisfaction. We are known to work by using all our gained experience, in-depth knowledge and best of processes to optimize the supply chain initiatives according to the requirement of our clients.

Our team undergoes comprehensive industry specific training to make sure that they have a deep inside already about the goods, services and quality before we actually make the contract. This aids in achieving productive outcomes that benefit both the parties at once.

Our Services


Invoice Processing

Border Clearance       Documentation

Freight Audit

Track and Trace

Driver Check Calls

AP and AR       Management

Rate and Contract       Management

Lead Generation       and Marketing Services


Export and Import       Documentation

Track and Trace       Milestone track and trace

Rate and Contract       Management

AP and AR       Management

Lead Generation and       Marketing Services


Export and Import       Documentation

Track and Trace       Milestone track and trace

Rate and Contract       Management

AP and AR       Management

Lead Generation       and Marketing Services


ISF and B3 Form       Generation

ACI manifest

Separation and Indexing

RMD Real Time

RMD Front End Entry

NAFTA Verification

HS Classification

Pars Entry Services

About Services

MANDLI Technologies provides various kind of services such as;-

Trucking support:
Delivery of cargo by trucking services has become a very integral part of logistics. It is cheap, easy and readily available. You can ship a large amount of goods to your customer or the market; you could mail essential documents to be signed and so much more. The service is very versatile and statistics prove that it is one of the most relied on logistics support service provider in Australia. The service will be provided right at your doorstep, hassle free and reliable. Trucking logistics have proper documentation and formal records maintained. They ensure every process and step is followed to maintain a proper flow of things that is the main objective.
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supply chain management solutions in Australia

Freight Management

Mandli Technologies is a reliable name that fully ensures the import & export of goods in the best possible manner.

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supply chain management solutions in Australia

Custom Brokerage

Our team is proficient handling all the rules & regulations related to about customs clearance for a perfect outcome.

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top supply chain solutions companies in Australia

Warehousing & distribution

MANDLI Technologies has a team of efficient staff that are known to provide warehouse solutions in a perfect manner whether its preparation and execution.

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supply chain outsourcing in Australia

Project Logistics

Logistics allows in making a robust management of supply chain. Mandli’ ensures to provide efficient Logistics Support services Australia to deliver on time to have a better customer satisfaction.

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Supply Chain Business Process Outsourcing in Australia

Ground Transportation

Mandli is consistent in committing to every customer and has become the best logistics company by signing up contracts with the key carriers directly.

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Supply chain management outsourcing companies in Australia

Supply Chain Solutions

We have a team of reliable and experienced staff who always work with the objective to serve with best solutions to the customers.

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Industry Logistics

Every sector of enterprises whether its industries, automobiles, hi-tech and others require logistics support.
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Value Added Service

One of our arms extends to Logistics BPO support services team at MANDLI Technologies looks over all possible.
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Route feasibility analysis

We at Mandli include all probable routes like airlines to give you a promising, time cutting service. Our staff is skilled and experience for proper assessment of unutilized and useful resources of the airports.
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Loading and unloading management

Mandli’ Technologies has always been able to reach out the clientele at the global level owing to its potential of delivering Loading & Unloading Management of goods in an efficient manner. This lets us manage your goods’ loading and unloading management securely and correctly.

Multi modal transportation

We have access to multi modal transportation that rationalizes the relative benefits of each mode of transport so that the system can be managed in a sustainable manner.

Design and fabrication of special tools and structures

It is an essential component of logistics & freight industry where dedicated team has to manage the shipments while properly assessing the risk factors related to it.

New world retail

Mandli’ has created a single umbrella chain to offer a complete package of services to ensure a perfect customer oriented work. Moreover, our prices are reasonable, leveraging our well organized delivery system. This certainly makes us a leading brand.

International freight

We have achieved the title as the principal provider of Express, courier and Logistics services all over Australia. Besides that, we have witnessed a sturdy growth in the provisions of the company’s worldwide reach.

Organizing clearances from concerned authorities

In order the firm functions smoothly, we have associations with the concerned firms to obtain all kinds of clearances.

Priority services

We as a service provider have a clientele based in almost every industrial sector that has ensured a perfect network. Thus we have a service called priority services.


Why Choose Mandli Technologies Logistics Services?

Logistics is the means to efficient supply chain management. Competent logistics services promise goods are delivered on time to attain a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our in-depth experience in logistics and its processes can help optimize your supply chain initiatives.

Our team at Mandli Technologies undergoes comprehensive industry-specific training to ensure they have a deep insight into logistics and can produce outcomes that can methodically benefit our customers in achieving supply chain excellence.