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Real Estate Outsourcing services Australia

Mandli Technologies is one of the fastest-growing IT and BPO support service providers in australia. With a supportive team, the support service provided is very efficient, qualified, and accurate. We provide Business process management support services which help in client’s advancement. Our main motto is to meet the requirements of every business transforming and enhance growth.

The list of support services that are offered by Mandli Technologies for Real Estate Outsourcing services in Australia:

1. Data Capture Services
2. Title Search Services
3. Title Examination Services
4. Title Commitment Services

About Services

Our various offering for real estate support services includes

1. Coordinating the listings
2. Social Networking
3. Coordinating the transactions which include tracking transaction status
4. Marketing and branding your real estate website
5. Web management
6. Blogging
7. Creation of eBooks
8. Social media Campaigns

Coordination with client’s, broker, agents, lenders, and other stakeholders to ensure all the transactions going in a smother way 1. Follow up calls
2. Record and document preparation
3. Reviewing house urban development documents with client’s .

Outsourcing Services for Real Estate Company


Storing data in large bundles of hard copies makes things complicated and consumes a lot of time when searching particularly for any information.

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Real Estate Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Real estate form Processing

Real estate forms processing works in back-end and front-end which would encompass skills on the data. Our team possesses the skills and knowledge needed for the form processing process.

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Call Center Outsourcing Services for Real Estate


A title search is a public record on the property to make sure of the property rightful legal owner. Title verification is a strategy of checking and assessing property documents.

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Having knowledge about the present legal owner, prerequisite loans on the house and other obligations on house is very important. So our experts will do the accurate title search.

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Real Estate Outsourcing Services


Dual owner search report survey includes collecting data on current vesting deed and also the deeds leading back to previous property owners warranty deed, tax data.

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outsource Real Estate Data entry Services


The complete title search comprises thorough research into the history of the property. The full title search includes past ownership, mortgages, maps, surveys, easements, taxation values.

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Data extraction from the real estate website/directory/portal

Most Real Estate support services Australia business depend on data extracted to analyze the decision-making process. This process also reduces time, money, and manual efforts.
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Real estate record transcription

Sometimes the recordings of meetings and discussions help more in further steps of the business.
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Real estate On-Demand Data Capturing

We mainly consider the client’s requirements. The tracking of data is also done based on the client’s provisions. Serving these many accurate services makes Mandli.
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Trustee Sale Assurance Data

This service lists various requirements, exclusion, exception related to issuing title insurance on a commodity. This whole procedure includes sub-tasks like ordering the title.
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OCR and ICR technique

Optical nature recognition is a tool that enables you to convert different types of data I.e., in documents, PDFs files, images into editable and searchable data I.e., machine-encoded text. ICR technique is used to learn different forms of font styles and texts.

High-range and low-range document scanning

Not all documents or clients need one type of range of scanning. Some clients can demand various types of scanning. So we have a team of professionals who can meet your requirements of document digitization.

Title Examination Services

The title examination support service is the thorough investigation of public statements that influence the title to the real estate you’re purchasing.
Mandli Technologies Offers Title Examination Services to Several Client’s Which Includes:
1. Lenders
2. Buyers
3. Lawyers and law institutes
4. Creditors

Title commitment service

This service lists various requirements, exclusion, exception related to issuing title insurance on a commodity. This whole procedure includes sub-tasks like ordering the title, verifying the financial responsibilities of the borrower and property seller, and many more.
Some of the services produced under title commitments
1. Report creations
2. Record review related to the property


Why Choose Mandli Technologies Real Estate Support Services?

At Mandli Technologies, our Best Real Estate Support Services processes are based on the new finance transformation, and forward-thinking strategies that are focused on how to exchange faster, be more receptive, less manual, and more transparent. Through planning, automation, and managing data integrity, we decrease resource operating cost and improve data quality and cycle times in the financial close.