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Compliance And Infrastructure

An effective work culture for any company in Canada is not just a result of the policies, practices, plans, and procedures but a lot more things. It is also dependent on the availability, as well as, the appropriate use of the compliance and infrastructure. It is more than important to take up steps for security breaching and data larceny.

At Mandli Technologies, the main aim is to provide the employees with a solid and impeccable infrastructure. Infrastructure is not just associated with the buildings and basic requirements for a smooth flow of the organization. But, it includes telephone connectivity, servers for supporting various networks, notice boards, handouts, etc. to make sure that there is flexibility in data protection. Also, this is done to make sure that the privacy strategy is intact and under control, concerning its implication.

At Mandli, we aim to present a combination of vibrant services that are offered at an integrated platform for the employees working in Canada. We believe that a good infrastructure puts forward great efficiency and helps greatly in employee satisfaction and retention, which is vital for the long-term health of a business.

Data Protection and Privacy services
  • Assisting you in developing the right policies for long term use
  • Design these policies in such a way that they can team up well with your companies IT-related policies
  • Help you in identifying the gaps and shortcomings related to investigations
  • The codes are difficult to crack. Also, the process is long and time-consuming. So, we extend our IT services for the fixing and creation of codes that directly look for the remedies and solutions.


Some people associate the services of programming and setup with increased costs, unfulfilled promises, incomplete targets, lags, technical fallouts, and much more. However, Mandli Technologies is a corporate firm.


Before elaborating on our service related to the design and discovery, let’s recall some interesting things. What is the first thing that attracted you and inspired you to buy any laptop, Smartphone, tablet, iPad.


The global pandemic came as an unexpected wave that hit businesses hard. So, in such unforeseen circumstances, it is better to have a team of people who will render the benefits related to the deployment of solutions.


These days, the service providers lack in providing the effective policy for configurations along with enforcements. The team at Mandli understands that the customers require good policy implementation and services.


The Mandli team is more than ready to make use of the software policies and models for better working of the applications. They make sure to provide the policies and services, well in hand, and before time, with the help of the internet.


Mandli Technologies deals in IT service management in the form of provision of a security application that is high-leveled. Also, our team makes sure that the IT applications are working properly and as per the optimum levels.


Carrying out CCTV security services is a vital part of any enterprise especially when you are performing integral tasks for the platforms. Mandli Technologies takes care of CCTV surveillance and takes care that no sort of theft or hacking should take place that might affect the optimum performance of the systems.

Access & Password Security

Data Compliance is a very vital task that embarks on different parameters, one of those is password access and security threats. There are various tricks and hacks that people used for illegal means to access the password and data but Mandli’ Technologies Canada takes proper responsibility to ensure that data is safe and secured.

Network Firewall

Network Firewalls is applied for block any unwanted or illegal access to the networks that can affect any data security threat. We aim to provide the best potential in services for the companies.