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Photo Editing Services Canada


Mandli is a business plan management partner creating new and innovative ways that improve business performance in many countries. We become a partner who understands the market and your goal appropriately.
We are a team of fifty members who have been ensuring Photo Editing and Retouching Services that help the business of its clients. The main objective of the firm is to contribute standard operating services and fulfil a company’s requirement.

Mandli Technologies offers customized photo editing services to professional photographers, as well as clients who wish to make their images look better and stand out.

About Services

Portrait Retouching & Restoration Services

The term 'portrait retouching' refers to the removal of facial imperfections such as dark spots, acne, and numerical features. As soon as we hear the word digital, it means the involvement of Photoshop and Lightroom in the process of image editing. Undoubtedly, portrait retouching at length today is being asked more and more by photographers to improve their customers' photographs, and the main reason is for the satisfaction of their customers.

Photo rejuvenation also affects a variety of other functions such as hair straightening, wrinkle removal, detoxification and rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, tone color correction, and color correction. At Mandli Technologies, our photo editing team offers the most innovative photographic touch quality with the right quality, which will satisfy your customers.
Top Smoothing Skin / Softening, enhancement of eyes, removal of braces, acnes, dark areas, teeth whitening, strays hair removal , removal of wrinkles from clothes are some of the services and features for re-imaging offered by our team.

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Real Estate Photo Editing

Do you have tight photography schedules? Don't have time to edit photos? Or, don’t have expertise in making real estate photos look attractive?

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Product Photo Editing

In today's fast-paced, active world, online shopping is by far the most popular as people can look at any products on their smart device, with the variety of products and options.

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Wedding Photo Editing Services

Why edit a wedding photo? Do we really need it? Well, that's a big yes! Professional wedding photographers can no doubt understand the real need for processing after a wedding shoot.

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Photo Restoration

Framed photos can be damaged by many things such as age, causing the images to deteriorate, or misbehave, causing the images to get scratched, dirty, cracked, torn or all.

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Real estate photo retouching outsourcing services

High-End Retouching

These days Fashion Photographers, Weddings and Portrait Photographers for models and clients also have the ability to process photos in the background.

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Image Editing Retouching Services in Canada

Newborn Photo Editing

Today, every mother in the world would love to have a photo session with her newborn baby. Usually, a paid photographer is called to the child’s home to take moments and proceed.

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Body Retouching

Do you need to reorganize or reshape your body, or model's body? You can trust our team. Mandli Technologies performs image editing, retouching and redesign services according to your need at affordable prices and on time.

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Why choose Mandli over other photo editing services?

As we are one of the brightening company coming up in the field of photo editing and offering various solutions to the open world problems faced by our clients.Ifyou are facing any such issue you are in the right place, MANDLI Technologies are here to hep you out with all types of photo editing offering pocket friendly solutions.

Mandli Technologies provides professional Image Editing Company to the busy scheduled photographers, and also for the clients who wish to make their images look better and stand out one.