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Mandli Technologies is looking for professionals who are ready to work effectively and should adapt according to the requirements of the organization. We offer various support services to our clients so the applicant must be ready to face any challenge at any time. The applicant must be skilled in the role he/she applies for and must offer good services for our clients. We always strive to get good customer satisfaction so the applicant must possess good technical and non-technical skills.

We empower you with sufficient resources required for your job role and a better working environment. Our team assigns you the various working projects in which the applicant must complete in the given time. By working in our organization the candidate will acquire a greater amount of knowledge and skills. So we are looking for candidates who are passionate and can give their best in the corresponding job role they apply for.

Who We Are

Mandli Technologies was first organized in Bangalore. It is one of the fast-moving IT and BPO support service providers. Mandli company headquarter is located in Bangalore. With a supportive team of 50 members, the support service provided is very efficient, qualified, and accurate. Mandli Technologies also provides business process management support services. These help in the client’s advancement.

Our main aim is to meet the ordinances of every business in transforming and growth. Our support services provide standard operational efficiency. To provide promising support services in Germany and other countries our team adopts various new technologies. We have the best client feedback from all over the world and our team frequentlybrings new strategies in development, manufacturing, technology, and marketing.


We achieve our mission and focus on the work while being associated with each other rather than segregating the whole talent build-ups'. Our motives are considered to be.

Focus on Customers

We always strive for great customer satisfaction and develop new techniques in which our customers can benefit them. Our clients rely on our services because we provide the best and reliable results for them.

Improve the Process

Before processing any process or business our team understands the process of business in a detailed way and then starts the further steps. When any difficulty is faced by our clients, our expert team will serve the problem.

Take the Risk

There is a famous quote ‘Take the risk or lose the chance'. Our team always takes bold ideas which will bring long-term and promising results for our clients. So the candidates hired should ready to take any risk at any time given in the project.

Enjoy the Work

The work done with fascination will always give the best outcomes. We indulge motivated staff members who are willing to showcase their talents in a refined manner. Self- motivation is an important factor here.

Our Culture

Although every staff member comes from diverse backgrounds, when coming to work everybody shares a motto of supplying good results to our clients. We are very proud to have such a coordinating team in which everybody will strive to serve to reach the main motto of the organization.

Our team is made of very talented people and they are adapted to the requirements of organization. So we are pleased to have our upcoming staff be able to communicate and innovate new ideas with the existing team. Mandli Technologies maintain good client and staff relationship in Germany and all other countries. We maintain our workplace to be active and engaging in all activities.

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