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Compliance And Infrastructure

Mandli Technologies is one of the major IT & BPO Service providers in Germany and across the world. With a supportive team of qualified members, the support service provided is very efficient, qualified, and accurate. Mandli Technologies also provides business process management support services. These help in the client’s advancement. Our main aim is to meet the ordinances of every business in transforming and growth. Our support services provide standard operational efficiency. We are known to provide various kinds of support services that primarily include data entry services, photo editing, BPO, IT Services, Digital Marketing and many more.

Enterprises should follow relevant laws and legal regulations assigned to them. Compliance is not only taking care of taxes and accounting. Some other factors need to be followed, which may directly or indirectly increase the reputation of the company and gives the best top-line results.Infrastructure includes managing staff, vendors, strategies, reporting, monitoring, etc. Internal audits, third-party audits, security procedures, etc include in compliance activities.

business process management Company in Germany
Data Protection and Privacy services
  • Develop the right policies and checks to align with your IT compliance policies
  • Identify compliance gaps and investigation
  • Fix and create the code to programmatically apply the remediations
  • Manage and fine tune policies and targets


Most of the firms are not consistent in building a successful program, because of a lack of reference program. But on the flip side, there are many recommendations accessible from the government entities.


Designing is a process that encompasses the safety design principles of the product at various stages of developing of product. In order to successfully develop a new product the process not only includes new development process.


The greater the data held by the companyare its responsibilities because the company should be able to manage storage protection. If there is any lack of defect in protecting the data then the company needs to face severe downfall reputation in the market.


The app setup problems can be eliminated by introducing configuration policies. The configuration policies enable the clients to be customized and comprise in management. Similarly, based on the specified business policy, the traffic is being examined in real business.


Policy enforcement mainly refers to managing, monitoring, categorizing, creating requirements. To monetize the organization’s assets and services, policies are created. This enforcement is handled by hardware as a gateway, and software as firewall and proxy.


It plays a major role in any business. Service management is the whole variety that deals with technologies and functions. This management helps IT, associates to handle technology infrastructure, service management process, and software systems.


CCTV security is carried out properly by Mandli Technologies to ensure the safety and compliance of the processes carries out for the companies. We take care at every step to avoid any issues that can actually harm the implementation of any system related action. This kind of efficiency allows us to make the services better with every passage of time.

Access & Password Security

Password security is a very important aspect while carrying out any sort of IT or Data related work as anonymous hackers pose serious threat to the security of the systems. With the rapid advancements in the techniques of cyber offenders its very vital to be on the smarter side. Mandli Technologies is known to provide ultra security to the systems so that no one can penetrate to access the passwords.

Network Firewall

Network Firewall is a common system that is deployed by companies so as to avoid any sort of outside threat that can try to access the systems. Firewall provides the added layer of security so that if anyone who tries to bypass or penetrate the systems to access via other networks, it can be blocked easily. It’s a very useful part of computer and data security. We at Mandli’ try to ensure proper usage of network firewall to avoid any such issues.