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Road Shipping Outsourcing Services

Over the years, we have been able to grab an immense amount of experience in the field of trucking and logistic services in Germany. We have come up with ways to provide you with easy and affordable trucking solutions. At Mandli Technologies, you can now transfer high volume and high-capacity goods from one place to another with cost and time efficiency.

Generally, full truckload services are the requirements by the businesses who wish to haul a huge amount of items and loads from large distances. The scope of our services intends to provide the whole space in a truck, just for one single customer at a time to transport the goods. The full truckload services by Mandli Technologies are among the best in today’s competitive rates.

About Services

Road Freight Forwarding Services

Road freight forwarding services are essential for the efficient and effective transportation of goods by road. These services involve coordinating and managing the movement of cargo from the point of origin to the destination using various types of road vehicles, such as trucks and trailers. Key functions of road freight forwarding services include route planning, load optimization, carrier selection, documentation, tracking and tracing, and compliance with transportation regulations.

Road Freight Logistics Support Services in Germany

A Magic Bullet to Border Clearance Documentation

We have seen that the sector of transport and logistics is rather broken or we can say, appears to be in fragments. This is probably because the technologies are not implemented properly.

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Road Freight BPO  Germany

Efficient Freight Audit with Mandli’s

We intend to be fully transparent with displaying all the information that our customers must know. We enclose all the proprietary technological details to provide our customers.

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freight audit and payment in Germany

Systematic Tracking and Tracing

Our technology is inbuilt in our systems to keep a track on our trucks in the markets and even across the borders. We also bear all the fuel expenses after completing.

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Road Freight Forwarding Services in Germany

Driver Calling – “Driver Check Checks”

We have different services according to your urgency and turn-around time for deliveries.

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Road transport logistics in Germany

Grow With AP & AR Management

Our services are approachable any time during the day or night with automatic LR generation, instant e- POD delivery, trucking partners allocation, and also following the end-to-end supply chain.

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International Road Freight Forwarders in Germany

Rate management

Our well-experienced staff professionals offer the customers the highest levels of trust and teamwork. You can rely and count on us for your delivery needs.

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Result-Oriented Lead Generation and Marketing Services

Running a business also means marketing your business to avail more and more customers. So, our approach is to help you align with other companies side by side that can assist your bottom.
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Technology enabled services

As I mentioned before, we have enabled GPS in our system along with a very dedicated customer service platform to help us deal with the queries of our customers. Moreover, we have enabled web based alert systems, SMS enquiries and E- mail based enquiry systems too.

Industry leading service precision

We ensure zero damage and loss of your goods with written documents to prove our words.

Dynamic rate matching

We keep a track on the dynamically competitive rates, with optimizable matching of trucks, utilization of assets to the maximum, and allocation of high-quality vehicles at lower rates.


We have completed more than 5000+ deliveries so far in our Haul network. Flexible contracts: We offer contracts that are stitched according to your requirements. We can even place your goods within 12 hours of request.