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Real Estate Support Services

Can’t handle transaction and processes involved in buying real estate?

Mandli Technologies is resposnible to handle the process involved in real estate vertical in such a manner that it becomes a very easy task for the real estate agent to handle the systematic data of client. Main target of Mandli is to achieve that perfection of communication stream between the client and the real estate agent in the most efficient manner. This helps us to create deifinitive strategies and creative ways to provide best possible services.

About Services

Our offerings under the real estate head are as follows:

1. Listings coordination
2. Social media campaigning
3. Record preparation and documentation
4. Business marketing and branding
5. Blogging and web management
6. E-book creation
7. Reviewing urban house developments
8. Client coordination for smoother transaction processes
9. Cold calling for follow ups
10. Preparation of documents and maintaing records
11. Examining documents with the clients of House Urban Development

outsource Real Estate Data entry Services


If you are seeking the services to capture for Real Estate Data Entry Support Services, then your wishes are just being answered.

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Outsource Real Estate Ecommerce Services

Real estate form Processing

Real Estate forms are those forms which provide maximum sensitive and confidential information about the client.

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Outsourcing Services for Real Estate Company


There are many companies, mortgage lenders, as well as, law institutions that need to provide the authenticity of their services. With the real estate support services in Germany

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Real Estate Data Entry & Outsourcing Services


Our staff is consisted of multiple research experts who find the present owner of the property and provide real estate support services in Germany.

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Call Center Outsourcing Services for Real Estate


The review of Our Dual Owner search report involves the data on the present deed along with the deed leading to the previous property owner’s warranty deed, tax deed.

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Real Estate Outsourcing Company in Germany


The research on all the existing titleholders as well as the proprietors of the property earlier comprises up as full title search. The proper series of completion of the existing deed.

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Data extraction from the real estate website/directory/portal

Data related to real estate can be achieved through from multiple platforms which can be extracted for the sake of clients understanding and can be provided to the in an efficient manner.

Real estate record transcription

Our team working to provide the real estate support services in Germany also offers record transcription services, which means; when the recordings are done in the meetings.
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Real estate On-Demand Data Capturing

Client comes first in every possible situation. In order to deliver an efficient data every possible effort is made for finding relevancy in data.

Trustee Sale Assurance Data

The need of the hour is to speed up the closures with the help of our real estate support services in Germany. Our professional team working will ensure the completion.
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Title Examination Services

This is basically a thorough analysis of all the documents influencing the title of any property that you are considering to buy. There are many things that need to be approved and accepted before delivering the property to the new owner. The real estate support services in Germany provided by Mandli Technologies provide a full proof research of all the records as well as the indices in front of the court. If the client demands, we can also try to cut short the examination period without disturbing the authenticity of our research.
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Title Commitment Services

These services are like scripts stating the company’s title ready to do the offerings. The buyer has all the details before closure and has the listings related to the exclusions, problems, and exceptions. Post the title search, the real estate support services in Germany provided by Mandli provide proper aid and assistance for the draft preparation beginning with stating the terms and conditions regarding the title property under construction.
Some of the provided services are:
1. Creation of reports
2. Review recording of property


Why Choose Mandli Technologies Real Estate Support Services?

At Mandli Technologies, our Best Real Estate Support Services processes are based on the new finance transformation, and forward-thinking strategies that are focused on how to exchange faster, be more receptive, less manual, and more transparent. Through planning, automation, and managing data integrity, we decrease resource operating cost and improve data quality and cycle times in the financial close.