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Compliance And Infrastructure

Security breaches and data larceny consequently result in unfavorable corporate growth. Unfavorable publicity is just the beginning. Probable liability for damaged or destroyed customer data and even penalties from regulatory authorities means that information security personnel must implement and demonstrate flexible data security and privacy tactics.

Business owners must reduce the risks of unauthorized or unethical company data processing and avoid major accidents and destruction or damage to data. In highly competitive markets, the certain loss of data damage to brand reputation weakens the company.



The setup program will install software on the computer. Create folders on your desktop to store the system, obtain files, generate shortcuts, and install your processor as needed.


Trying to conduct a discovery period enables your squad to evaluate and start debating the project's objectives. Inconsistencies will be explained to help stop growth errors, so because previous faults.


Solution Deployment allows the user to completely implement ways to solve interpretations and installation packages (IPs) to physical and virtual places. The solution consists of an XML file that governs the instructions install IPs


The "Policy Configuration" tab contains all the tools you have to define/edit/delete laws. By default, ADSelfService and sets the strategy for the solution image when it uncovers the domain's DCs.


In the computing context, policy enforcement usually leads to the introduction, classification, strategic planning, tracking, and automated implementation of a particular set of criteria for the use of a desktop or general strategy.


Service management processes are needed to turn the funds of the provider into useful customer support. These providers shall be submitted at the accepted standard of excellence, risk, and cost.


CCTV security is always an important aspect to make things safe and secured especially in today’s world. Mandli Technologies is known to provide the optimum level of results for the clients and ensure that every security measure is taken care properly. We are not only known to provide CCTV security while working environment in UK but across the world.

Access and Password Security

Even technology enhancements have been the backbone of the industry still cyber offenders takes the way to penetrate the security levels by accessing the passwords. We at Mandli’ ensure that password security is applied at every level to block cyber offenders doing any such threatening things like password hacking.

Network Firewalls

Network firewalls through other networks besides providing additional level of security. Mandli has been a reliable partner to provide optimum level of network security while managing the work for the clientele.