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Staffing Companies Support Services in UK

Pay Roll Processing

Payroll processing is the task of managing the recompensation to be paid by the employers to the employees. Mandli take care of the complete process from salary bifurcations, taxes to be deducted to finally crediting the amount in the employees' account. Our Staffing Companies Support Services in UK makes sure to complete the process as smoothly as possible.

Since Payroll Processing Services in UK is a regular process, we make sure to set a system that is fail-safe and as quick in the process as possible. Mandli is aware that payrolls are one of the biggest expenses of any company, and the calculation could be varied for each employee. Keeping employees happy and content is an important factor for any organization, and our process makes sure that your employees are content.


At Mandli, we make sure that the accounting process we carry out is at a regular interval. Under our Staffing Companies Support Services in UK, we carry out bank reconciliation for our clients timely, to find any discrepancy between the company's cash book and bank statement. A bank reconciliation statement compares the cash balance in the company's accounts with the bank statements. This process is done to keep track of the cash balance on both sides so that it doesn't have frauds or manipulations. Many times there is a difference as the bank may charge some fees for account maintenance, or there could be interest accrual, which can't be reflected in the company's cash book directly. This is where bank reconciliation helps immensely.

Staffing Companies Support Services in UK


Credit card reconciliation is carried out to check that credit statements match the transaction mentioned in the books of account of the company. It is done to verify for any undue spending carried out by any employee.

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Payroll Processing Services in UK


Mandli helps their client prepare all five kinds of financial statements that are Income statements, balance sheet, shareholder contribution, statement of cash flow, and note to the financial statement.

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Any business is based on minimizing expenses and maximizing profits or earnings. This is what helps the company and its employees grow. Both these statements together show the company’s financial strength or weakness. These annual reports are the most important representation of the company's inner workings.
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