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Ocean Freight Forwarding Support Services

Ocean Freight Forwarding Support Services

Mandli Technologies is one of the fastest growing organizations in the field of Ocean freight services providing its services at the global level. With a supportive team of 50 members, the support service provided is very efficient, qualified, and accurate.

Ocean freight forwarding services involve managing the logistics and transportation of goods via sea routes on behalf of shippers. These services include a range of activities such as booking cargo space on ships, handling documentation, customs clearance, arranging inland transportation, providing warehousing solutions, and offering insurance options. By utilizing ocean freight forwarding services, businesses can benefit from the expertise of professionals who navigate the complexities of international shipping regulations, optimize shipping routes, and negotiate competitive freight rates with carriers. This ensures that goods are transported efficiently and cost-effectively across global markets.

About Services

Our main motto is to meet the requirements of every business transforming and growth by providing standard operational efficiency. We are expertise in providing global Ocean freight forwarding support services in UK. The various services we provide in ocean freight forwarding are listed below.

Outsource Ocean Shipping BPO Services in UK

Risk Free Export and Import Documentation

To ship the goods along the sea transport documentation is necessary from the importer and exporter side for sales and shipping process.

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Ocean Freight Forwarding in UK

Accurate Track and Trace

Track and trace is nothing but knowing the real-time coordinates of the container at any time. So many online tools exist to help you to track the exact location of the shipment.

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Ocean Freight Shipping BPO Services in UK


Milestone tracking is the ability to inform the delivery date, its quality and the cost incurred, and the time in prior.

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International Sea Freight Forwarders in UK

Professional Rate and Contract Management

Mandli Technologies is known to be the premium rate and contract management providers. We also provide you the reseller contract service between shipper and clienteles.

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International Ocean Freight Forwarders in UK

Enhancing AP & AR Management

Accounts payable will appear in the firm's balance sheet. These are the categories of payments or debts which should be paid off within a specific period.

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Outsource Ocean Freight Forwarding Services in UK

Lead Generation and Marketing Services

Lead generation is the process of captivating potential customers to improve business sales. These are two types outbound lead generation and inbound lead generation

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