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Real Estate Support Services

Are you exhausted doing all the real estate procedures by yourself? We have got a solution for you.

Mandli is a group that provides Real Estate Outsourcing Services. We handle all the real estate procedures effectively and professionally so that your real estate company reaches its goals at the desired time. Our motive is to assist different real estate companies and agents in selling homes, office spaces and implement strategies that would work with the companies.

About Services

Our various offering for real estate support services includes

List of Support Services

Various offers from our Real Estate Support Services in UK
1. Manage the listings
2. Managing transactions that include tracking transaction status
3. Branding and promotion of your real estate company
4. Web Management and Blogging
5. Social Media marketing
6. Managing and coordinating with brokers, agents, clients to ensure all transactions between them and you are smooth and successful.
7. Follow up calls
8. Document management
9. Recording and reviewing House Urban Development documents with the client

Real Estate Data Entry outsourcing Services


Mandli takes care of the entire dynamics of real estate is your data, including legal paperwork, sales details, property valuation details, etc.

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outsource Real Estate Data entry Services

Real estate form Processing

We look after the forms that are significant for the company and its progress. There are different sorts of forms involved in real estate like client information forms.

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Real estate support services


Our Real Estate Support Services in UK has experienced teams to assist you with mortgage title search support to mortgage companies or lenders.

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Outsource Real Estate Ecommerce Services


Our research experts carry out the title search for the current owner of the property. Our team covers all the activities of the owner and their tax status.

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Outsourcing Services for Real Estate Company


In this research, our team finds out information about the current owner and the property's previous owner.

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Call Center Outsourcing Services for Real Estate


In this research, we find out information about all the property's current and past owners and what mortgages and deeds they have.

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Data extraction from the real estate website/directory/portal

Our team takes information from your real estate website for your clients to get a comprehensive overview of the company.
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Real estate record transcription

Our team has a unique service called transcription service. In this, we record the meetings and discussions of your clients
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Range of services that we offer for title examination

1. Providing a brief
2. Certificate of title after an examination (Depends on customer's needs).
Mandli believes in providing the best service to their real estate clients. Our Real Estate Support Services in UK is like an outsourced support service that you can avail of on a contract basis based on your need and time.
Mandli believes in providing professional Real Estate Support Services in UK for your real estate company so that you can fulfill your client's requests and needs at your best.

Trustee Sale Assurance Data

Our team of experts is known for providing quick solutions for foreclosures.We look forward to provide the insights to the buyer by stating all the relevant information for the same.

OCR and ICR technique

Mandli Technologies s know for its proficiency in optical character recognition solutions. The scanned images are turned into text, which is a huge benefit for handling massive data.

High-range and Low-range Document Scanning

Our team manages the digitization of all documents for the clients of your company.

Real estate On-Demand Data Capturing

We take immense care of our real estate clients. We make sure all the data capturing procedures are done according to you.Our team believes in providing quality services to our real estate clients.

Title Examination Services

Mandli can research and investigate the financial and legal background of the property owner from public records. We check up on your client's background for taxes, litigations, liens, and other claims and form a report based on the research.

Our Real Estate Support Services in UK also look after the verification process of the title by using modern tools to check title related data. Our team ensures that the information on the title property is 100% reliable and updated. This speeds up the entire process of mortgage lending, tax filing, etc.

Title Commitment Services

After a comprehensive title search, we check for title commitment. Title commitment means to determine the conditions for the insurance of the land title or property title. Our Real Estate Support Services in UK takes care of that. Many times, there are gaps in the information provided by the landowner, and this is where our team comes to play. We ensure you a successful title process.
Some of the services provided under title commitments
1. Report creations
2. Record review related to the property


Why Choose Mandli Technologies Real Estate Support Services?

At Mandli Technologies, our Best Real Estate Support Services processes are based on the new finance transformation, and forward-thinking strategies that are focused on how to exchange faster, be more receptive, less manual, and more transparent. Through planning, automation, and managing data integrity, we decrease resource operating cost and improve data quality and cycle times in the financial close.