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We promote the candidates who have the ability to adapt to newer technologies, ready to accept different challenges when required. Our employees are flexible to work independently as well as with the team.

We provide you the sufficient resources and a suitable working environment to implement your talent and skills in the work. Moreover, you would get a variety of projects when working with us where you can enhance your skills, knowledge, and be an expert in your field. Looking for candidates who are passionate about their particular role. If an opportunity which is matching your criteria, you’re welcomed to apply here. Mandli Technologies is an equal opportunity employer.

Who We Are

We offer marketing solutions that are flexible to market and business holders. Especially in the marketing and advertising field in the USA. with our state-of-the-art facility and technology in our firm, we fulfill the requirements of our clients. Our solutions are innovative, we welcome new development ideas, in order to develop more in the field of e-commerce, manufacturing technology, and marketing trends. We are very passionate about our mission and very positive about our goals.

We have established solutions in the USA and we provide innovative ideas with A-grade quality, high performance, and reliability for our US markets. Our major services in the field of software and IT firms include software development, utility management, EDMS, and data processing. We also take data processing, data conversion, and database creation like jobs from our clients to create great volumes of data with the degree of mission criticality.


Everyday at Mandli, our core beliefs guide us towards achieving our mission as a team.

Focus on Customers

Customer satisfaction can move mountains for you. It is proven that the most successful companies put their customers first. They address them as their critics and strive to fulfill their satisfaction.

Improve the Process

We continuously focus on improving the process of whatever we do. With new ideas and innovation, we achieve our results with more efficiency. To thrive in this competitive world, we have learned .

Take the Risk

Risk management is a very critical yet very important part of every small or big business. Effective risk management can play wonders for many. We believe there are four major steps one needs to follow in order to manage their risks effectively.

Enjoy the Work

We love what we do. We often become so devoted to being successful and carrying out the daily work that we forget to be happy. We don’t enjoy the work we do, we just keep doing what is assigned to us without appreciating the work we do.

Our Culture

No matter how much people deny but the culture of a corporate place does matter a lot. The combinations of different aspects of a business, like staffing, communication with the staff, way to get things done, etc., all end up forming a bigger picture.

May your firm be small or big, culture does matter a lot. We, thus implement the culture by setting up guidelines and setting priorities to carry out our business internally and externally. We make sure our employees can communicate with everyone in the team dynamically.

We foster the right environment for our staff to promote the company’s culture. We don’t focus on just focus on the establishment of our firm, but also we keep making a conscious effort to respect both our workers and leaders.

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