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Compliance And Infrastructure

Often, we see that companies lose their revenues due to their lack of procurement compliance. Especially in the business of maintenance services, such revenue leakages are evident. Although there are agreements on the basis of contracts between the company and the sub-contractor, still, it becomes worse when there is no compliance in such firms.

People do unfaithful things like security breaches and data larceny which results in unexpected and bad impacts on the business. To name one, unfavorable publicity is something that we can observe very commonly and acts as a liability. Lack of compliance can result in lost or stolen information about customers, or maybe files from regulatory organizations. This indicates that the company has to come up with flexible data protection and privacy strategy.

Data Protection and Privacy services

Right from the acquisition of data to the disposal of data, the data has to be protected at any cost. The clients’ trust and the usefulness of the data in hand to provide any services to the clients is very important.
Mandli Technologies private limited provides you with the best data protection and privacy consulting for your company.

  • Update yourself with the latest data security and data privacy services.
  • Observe regulatory compliance with the rapidly evolving regulations.
  • Protect your brand’s reputation by protecting your business, customers, and other sensitive information.
  • Work on the policies and targets.


We ensure to set up the things programmatically set up with the usage of proper codes to ensure smooth functioning and maintenance. The Programmable set up is performed in a manner keeping in view certain factors.


The principles of data protection and design revolve around implementing the rights of individuals to have their data safe. Right from the design stage, right throughout the lifecycle, the data has to be safe.


Data loss occurs due to leaks in insider threats, extrusion by attackers, and unintentional or negligent data exposure. Deploying acts like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) offer one to oversee the data protection.


According to the various needs, the policies can be tailored. This brings in flexibility and permutation of policy settings by prioritizing the customers. We will plan your overall policy in cooperation with your human resources.


It revolves around the detection of violations and acting against them.Policy enforcement typically talks about the creation, categorization, management, monitoring, and automatic execution of a specific set of requirements .


GDPR encourages all organizations to invest in how they handle data for security and privacy. It is important to consider the customers’ preferences on their valuable data, so GDPR regulations are a must.


CCTV security is always used to make sure that we are able to properly monitor the cycle of events that take place around us whether its office premises, home, outside or any other place, as this world is becoming with ever changing technology burglars are always ready to make their moves.

Access & Password Security

With the growing of cyber hacks there is always a risk of unwanted users accessing the data by hacking & accessing the passwords for the systems. These things pose a threat to the data vulnerability but here at Mandli Technologies we make sure to provide additional data security layers that doesn’t allows to access the passwords and data.

Network Firewall

This is an apex priority system that every company tries to deploy to avoid any external sources accessibility via other networks. Firewall build so as to provide security layer to the unethical accessibility of systems through other networks and block them easily.