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Logistics Support Services

Logistics Support Services USA

Logistics is the method of planning and executing appropriate transportation and storage of products from the place of creation to consumption. Logistics service plays an important role in moving military personnel, equipment, and goods.Nowadays, logistics service is more suitable in moving commercial goods within the supply chain. Logistics support services in USA plays an important role in the supply chain.

Logistics has a huge impact on the shipment of goods and how fast businesses can provide consumer service. Third-party logistics is a trend in today’s world. The logistics industry is growing up very quickly over the past decade.

Our Services


Invoice Processing

Border Clearance       Documentation

Freight Audit

Track and Trace

Driver Check Calls

AP and AR       Management

Rate and Contract       Management

Lead Generation       and Marketing Services


Export and Import       Documentation

Track and      TraceMileston track and       trace

Rate and      ContractManagement

AP and AR       Management

Lead Generation      andMarketing Services


Export and Import       Documentation

Track and      TraceMileston track and       trace

Rate and      ContractManagement

AP and AR       Management

Lead Generation      andMarketing Services


ISF and B3 form       Generation

ACI manifest

Separation      andIndexing

RMD Real Time

RMD Front End Entry

NAFTA Verification


Pars Entry Services

About Services

Jobs related to logistics like transporters, warehouse facility owners, and freight-related brokers are increasing day by day. A good logistics company will maintain all of its supply chain functions with digital methodologies. They will track orders, vehicles, and pallets to improve their service.

MANDLI TECHNOLOGIES is one of the best Logistics BPO Support service provider in USA. They provide exclusive industry-specific training to their staff to ensure their depth into logistics so that our customers can get benefits in achieving supply chain superiority.

MANDLI Technologies provides various kind of services such as;-
i) Trucking support
ii) Ocean Freight Forwarding support
iii) Air Freight forwarding support
iv) Customs clearance support


Freight Management

Mandli Technologies is known for providing reliable import and export goods efficiently and flawlessly.

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Custom Brokerage

Our custom clearance executives are experienced enough to handle local stipulations, regulations, and circumstances.

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Warehousing & distribution

Mandli Technologies can easily manage the warehouse from the primary planning stages through the execution process.

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Project Logistics

Project specialists of Mandli Technologies provide solutions for various heavy professional managements.Our knowledge helps us to understand the most,

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Ground Transportation

We are committed towards carrying out every customer's requirement as one of theUSA's best logistics companies.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Mandli Technologies is committed towards fulfilling every consumer's requirement for logistics.

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Industry Logistics

Every business authority has its different and specific logistics necessities and requirements. It varies from one industry to another—no need to worry about it. We have expert employees to help you.
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Value Added Service

Some specific shipments need particular handling or the use of particular equipment to fulfill your instructions and legal necessities. We have gathered a menu of accessories to control almost all the situations, including Project planning, Route feasibility analysis, equipment, vehicle design and options, loading and unloading management.
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Reduced operational cost

Logistic based firms can get nearly 50-60% of cost reduction in the logistic services if they decide to outsource their BPO activities. Our clients can build a convenient business circle without risk by eliminating paperwork and other related expenses.
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Vehicle tracking and status reporting

Keeping trail of the status and practice of the commercial vehicles in your fleet yields valuable data that can be analyzed to rationalize performance and eradicate inefficiencies. Mandli Technologies offers detailed activity reporting that contributes considerably to enhanced business operations. Our GPS tracking system with reporting is adaptable to your exacting needs, delivering actionable insights at regular intervals from historical data you can store from 125 days up to one year.

Customer support

An outsourcing firm can occupy the time-consuming and challenging tasks of a logistic firm like the accounting tasks, documentation, etc., to make a better performance. An outsourcing firm is easily available 24*7. That is why one can get solutions to their queries or update their projects at any time of the day.


An outsourcing firm always looks for experienced, dedicated, and committed professionals who will lead a BPO firm's needs in the right way. The cost-effective solutions describe the business procedure and thus, can provide the maximum benefits.

Flexible solutions

An outsourcing firm can offer customized and flexible BPO solutions. Strategic methodologies and intact delivery model can develop flexible solutions to speed up your business efficiency.


Every outsourcing firm is maintained with advanced technology and contemporary tools to easily deal with challenging issues. It helps to increase the internal logistic process and maximize their superiority as well.
Mandli Technologies is well-known for its potential of providing the best and flawless service in the logistic outsourcing field. They have a reputation for maintaining a prominent clientele base consistently. The professional departments at our organization will take you to the best business operations at a competitive price. Our specially developed arenas include eCommerce support service, BPO, IT outsourcing, finance, and accounting. For further information, click the following link.

Project Logistics

Project specialists of Mandli Technologies provide solutions for various heavy professional managements. Our team consists of essential equipment and experts to switch the most multifaceted road haulage projects, making our organization more preferable and familiar.


Why Choose Mandli Technologies Logistics Services?

Logistics is the means to efficient supply chain management. Competent logistics services promise goods are delivered on time to attain a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our in-depth experience in logistics and its processes can help optimize your supply chain initiatives.

Our team at Mandli Technologies undergoes comprehensive industry-specific training to ensure they have a deep insight into logistics and can produce outcomes that can methodically benefit our customers in achieving supply chain excellence.