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Photo Editing Outsourcing Service


Photo editing services involve hiring external professionals or agencies to enhance and modify images to meet specific requirements. These services can include basic adjustments like cropping, resizing, color correction, and retouching, as well as more advanced tasks such as background removal, image restoration, photo manipulation, and adding special effects. Companies and individuals opt for outsourcing photo editing to benefit from the expertise, creativity, and specialized tools that professional editors bring.

Outsourcing photo editing services offers several advantages, including access to high-quality editing software and techniques that ensure superior image quality. It allows businesses, such as e-commerce, real estate, advertising, and photography studios, to focus on their core activities while ensuring that their visual content is polished and professional.

About Services

Portrait Retouching & Restoration Services

Some photos get damaged for several reasons like old photos captured by old fashioned cameras, or low-quality cameras. The term ‘portrait restoration’ means the removal of errors from the face like the darkening spots, acne, and blemishes. As soon as we heard the term editing, it means the involvement of Photoshop and illustrator, lightroom, in the photo editing. Truly, portrait editing today is widely used by photographers for retouching and enhancing their client’s photos, and the key reason is for customer satisfaction.

We have old photo restoration experts who can restore your old photo in a stunning new photo. You can send a photo for restoration directly to us by scanning the photo and mail it to us. We assure you that what will be possible will be done to enhance your photo in the best possible way out there.

Photo Restoration services out there – * Old photo resizing
* Damaged photo repairing
* Black & white photo coloring
* Restoring a torn photo
* Retouching of photo
* Fixing water damage
* Fixing scratches in the photo


Real Estate Photo Editing

We cover photo editing, retouching services for homes, offices, museums, flats , skyscrapers.
We offer quality Real Estate Photo Editing Services that include

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Product Photo Editing

E-Commerce Shopping has become an integral part of our lives as people have become acquainted with the internet usage and love to explore products online on their devices whether its Mobile or Tablets quite easily.

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Wedding Photo Editing Services

As we know that this auspicious day comes one’s lifetime and to make it your memorable day we are here. Professional wedding photographers truly know the need to photo editing.

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Photo Restoration

Old photo resizing  *Damaged photo repairing  *Black & white photo coloring

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High-End Retouching

In high-end photo editing, we come up with solutions like photo pixels handling, keeping picture quality to high end.

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Newborn Photo Editing

Today, every parent in this uworld would like to have a photography session with her newborn baby. Usually, a professional photographer is called to the baby’s home for the photo-shoot and capture the moments along with outdoor photo sessions.

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Body Retouching

Are you in need of editing or reshaping your body, or model’s body? You can Trust our team. Mandli’ Technologies provides photo editing, retouching, and reshaping services according to your requirement with affordable pricing and timely deliverables.

Here are different services that we offer for Body outsourcing photo editing services and Restoration:
1. Curve-enhancing of Body
2. Enlarging of Breast
3. Good toning of muscles
4. Adding Muscles
5. Reshaping of body
6. Double chin removal
7. Cellulite Removal

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Event Photo editing

We cover photo editing, retouching services for the event photos. We cover every event whether it's your birthday party or marriage anniversary, or your retirement party, or the beginning of your child’s new life.


Why choose Mandli over other photo editing services?

As we are one of the brightening company coming up in the field of photo editing and offering various solutions to the open world problems faced by our clients.Ifyou are facing any such issue you are in the right place, MANDLI Technologies are here to hep you out with all types of photo editing offering pocket friendly solutions.

Mandli Technologies provides Professional Image Editing Company to the busy scheduled photographers, and also for the clients who wish to make their images look better and stand out one.