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Real Estate Support Services


Real estate is among the most sought-after services in USA and the world. Real estate outsourcing services involves the purchase, sale, rental, and appraisal of a property. It can help you find your ideal home or sell your existing property. Real estate outsourcing services involve hiring external providers to manage various aspects of real estate operations and portfolio management.

These services can include property management, lease administration, facilities management, transaction management, and real estate advisory. Companies choose to outsource real estate functions to benefit from the expertise and efficiency of specialized service providers, leading to cost savings, improved operational performance, and enhanced focus on core business activities. Outsourcing can also help businesses navigate complex real estate markets, ensure regulatory compliance, and leverage advanced technology and data analytics for better decision-making. MANDLI Technologies allows companies to maintain flexibility, scale their operations effectively, and achieve optimal utilization of their real estate assets.

About Services

Our various offering for real estate support services includes

1. Coordinating the listings.
2. Social Networking.
3. Coordinating the transactions which include tracking transaction status.
4. Marketing and Branding your real estate website.
5. Web Management.
6. Blogging.
7. Creation of eBooks.
8. Social Media Campaigns.
9. Coordination with clients, broker, agents, lenders and other stakeholders to ensure all the transactions going in a proper way.
10. Follow Up Calls.
11. Record and document preparation.
12. Reviewing House Urban Development documents with the client.



Mandli Technologies offers real estate data capture services. It administers all your data in a well-organized way.

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Real estate form Processing

The company carefully processes essential documents related to real estate services. It administers and maintains the database efficiently.

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The company also offers title search services to make the process easier. It helps you determine whether the land.

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Using its services, you can take a detailed look at the information of the present owner of a particular property.

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If a property has two owners, that is, the present and the past vesting deeds, it sometimes becomes problematic.

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A full title search can be very beneficial in the field of real estate services. Mandli Technologies offers a complete title search service to its clients.

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Data extraction from the real estate website/directory/portal

The company also ensures precise extraction of the real estate data to fulfill the clients’ demands.
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Real estate record transcription

Another excellent service offered by the company is the real estate record transcription. Video recordings of important meetings and discussions can get lost in time.
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Real estate On-Demand Data Capturing

It also offers on-demand real estate data capturing services on time. So you don’t need to worry about the quality and punctuality.

Trustee Sale Assurance Data

What makes this company one of the leading real estate support services in USA is its commitment to its customers.
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OCR and ICR technique

Mandli Technologies also specializes in OCR and ICR solutions. Thus, the entire data capturing process becomes more convenient.

High-range and Low-range Document Scanning

The company leaves no stone unturned to attend to every customer’s needs. No matter the range of document scanning, be it high or low, you can avail that there. The company has a team, especially handpicked for this purpose.

Title Commitment Services

What is a title commitment? Well, it is basically a script stating that a company is prepared to provide a title insurance report to a customer. The title company offers this information to a buyer prior to closure. This information contains all the exclusions and exceptions. It also includes a list of problems with the property as and if noticed by the said company. Mandli Technologies offers its clients reliable and accurate title commitment services. After the title search is complete, the company prepares a draft containing all the title commitments to assist. the buyer. It helps the buyer understand the terms and conditions to cover the property in question. The services provided under the title commitment include report creation and property record review.

Title Examination Services

The company offers a detailed assessment of all the documents responsible for a certain property title. The evaluation includes past deeds review, wills, and so on. Plus, all the mortgages, tax reports, and liabilities are looked at. Each title examination comprises of thorough research of all the relevant documents. Usually, it takes a considerable amount of time because the company professionals go through a large number of documents.
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Why Choose Mandli Technologies Real Estate Support Services?

At Mandli Technologies, our Best Real Estate Support Services processes are based on the new finance transformation, and forward-thinking strategies that are focused on how to exchange faster, be more receptive, less manual, and more transparent. Through planning, automation, and managing data integrity, we decrease resource operating cost and improve data quality and cycle times in the financial close.